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Selling antiques and collectables online for over 20 years. Located in Gurnee IL and servicing Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Primarily cater to antique dealers, collectors liquidating their collection and estates. Please feel free to fill out contact form below to learn more about our services.


Run various online themed auctions over on the Live Auctioneers platform under name Lodestar Auctions

Once in a long while will list items on ebay via: lodestarexpress

Regulary list Japanese woodblock prints on ebay under the moniker: chicagojapaneseart

Past Auctions

Art Sale Paintings Woodblocks Lladro Pottery
Auto Auction Cars Automobilia Gas Station Mancave Auto Bike Beer Sports Military Toys Lionel Dolls Cars Bikes Capguns Toys Comics Dolls Kid Books Trains Jewelry Pocket & Wristwatch Auction